2017 was a damn good year!

It’s almost the end of the year, so I guess it’s the right time to do a short summary. I know that this kind of the article is a cliché in the „blogging community” but personally I treat this as a milestone to which I’ll be able to return at any time. All right, let’s get started!



That’s definitely the apple of my eye. The thing which I’m proud the most. Blogging gives me a lot of satisfaction and motivates me to improve myself as a software developer more and more. As always I focused more on the technical articles which hopefully helped some of you, but there were also five non-technical which contain my opinion about some things in our industry. In 2018 I’ll probably keep this proportion. When it comes to numbers:

  • 40 posts
  • 48 000 unique visitors
  • 70 500 visits

I don’t know whether it’s a good result or not, but frankly, I don’t really care. I do my best to deliver useful and practical knowledge on this blog and I’m very happy to see these numbers. They are way beyond my expectations 🙂


Public speaking

This year, I continued my journey as a public speaker. I got seven talks in three Polish cities. The full list can be found here. What really makes me happy is the fact that three of them took place at the well-known conferences:

  • 4Developers
  • Code Europe
  • dotNetConf PL

Most of the time I talked about the mystery of async/await in C# and how it’s implemented on the IL level. From my observations and feedback, this topic interested most of the people quite a lot which is a great thing. Comparing to the last year, I feel a little bit more confident and relaxed on the stage but it’s still not what I aim for. A lot of learning ahead of me in the next year.


Aurelia course

This year brought new kind of challenge as well. For the very first time, I published programming course – creating single page apps with Aurelia. I must admit, that beginning was such a hell for me but after all, it was a quite interesting experience. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks. All the reviews of my course are very positive which made me happy and motivated to do it again. Before Christmas, I asked on Twitter whether folks would like to watch a course on YouTube about doing microservices in .NET Core:



The response is clear, people want that and I’ll give it to them 🙂 So, at the beginning of 2018 you can expect the first episode. What’s worth to mention is that I won’t be alone there, but all in a good time 😉


Open source

Last but not least – Valit – my open source project for validation in .NET Core. It all started three months ago with just a few, simple classes and ended up with quite an impressive project. Currently, Valit has 111 stars on GitHub and in next few weeks, we’re going to release the third version with lots of great, new features and integrations. Thanks to that project I learned a lot (not only when it comes to programming), I met great people who helped me, but most of all, I had a very interesting job after my work. Something completely different. I hope that thanks to such projects my passion will not turn into a routine. Oh, and there’s one more, awesome thing. Valit was mentioned on Twitter by Scott Hanselman!



Well, looking at all of this I can definitely say that 2017 was a damn good year! Lots of great things happened to me and I hope to raise the bar even higher in the next year.

Stay tuned 🙂

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