My thoughts about 2016 -

My thoughts about 2016

Hi folks, it’s me again!

Well, I was kind of inactive for a while and to be honest, I did it for a purpose. 2016 was an absolutely crazy year for me, full of new challenges, projects and personal changes (hope that most of them were those positive). Therefore, at the end of December, I decided to take a short break and flush my thoughts related to the blog, podcast and… programming. But don’t be nervous, I’m not gonna give it up! Anyway, I guess that with the new year it’s finally time to do some summary and introduce my plans for next couple of months.



Forever F[r]ame… Wow, it’s really weird looking at my first article which I posted almost a year ago! One entire year has passed so fast and during that many things changed. I’ll mention here just one. In the July I decided to start writing my articles in English. Back then I was struggling with myself a lot. Sure, it’s much easier to be recognizable when you write in your native language and it’s more comfortable to write articles because of grammar and vocabulary which naturally are way better. But on the other hand, what gives me the most satisfaction about writing an article is when after a few days someone comments it with the words “thanks, that helped me a lot!”. That such a great feeling and English helped me to broadcast my knowledge through the entire world. One more thing about write articles in Polish (which I used to do) is that was kind of hard to mix it with English programming/IT names which are not that easy to translate. The result of doing such a mix was sometimes ridiculous and hard to paraphrase. So if you’re also considering switching to English I suggest you write couple articles and see how it feels. Maybe you’ll not enjoy doing that at all? If it’ll happen just give it up. Seriously. Remember that blogging is about sharing your thoughts with others but it’s also about having a fun! What’s the point of writing in English if you’re not feeling like it’s the most awesome thing that you’d do at this time? There’re a lot of great Polish, Russian, Hungarian etc. blogs that work great locally in the specific countries but they’re not worse than English!

To be honest I don’t have specific plans related to Forever F[r]ame (at least for a now). I’ll do my best to post a new article every week, and I hope they’ll be interesting and full of practical knowledge. One thing which might interest some of you is that I’ve just started writing new series about actor model and .NET technologies connected with that. So, if you’re interested in that kind of architecture, feel free to come back here from time to time just check whether it’s already posted!

At the end of this paragraph, I’d like to write one thing (which I hope won’t be selfish). I’m really proud of my blog and all this work I put in to make it work. I happy that it helps or maybe even motivates some great folks to work. Here I just wanted to thank Maciej Aniserowicz who announced at the beginning of the February programming competition called “Daj sie poznać” (which I guess he translated as “Get noticed”). That motivated me to start this crazy blogging journey which hopefully won’t finish soon 🙂 Maciek, thank you once again!



Some of you might notice that I didn’t post a new episode of the DevReview podcast since September. I’ve read once that an average number of podcast’s episodes equals seven. But don’t worry! It shall return soon with new awesome folks talking about interesting stuff. Just treat the 8th episode as the season finale 😉 But seriously, I’ve got a lot of plans related to the podcast which hopefully succeed in 2017. Just stay tuned!



Besides my “online” activities, 2016 brought me the new challenge that I’ve always dreamed about. An opportunity to speak to the folks on meetups and programming conferences. My debut was at the final gala of the mentioned “Daj sie poznac” competition when I talked about Aurelia. I had only 20 minutes to introduce that framework and present its pros and cons. Looking at that talk from today’s perspective… it sucked so bad. But it doesn’t matter because that forced me to leave my “comfort zone” and try to face the fear of public speaking. Since June I spoke eight times (which gives an average of 1 talk/month!) and the best one (IMHO) was definitely during Polish edition of the dotnetConf virtual conference (once again thanks guys for accepting my CFP!).



What are my plans for 2017? Definitely keep it up! I’d love to develop myself of beeing speaker who would talk about great stuff in an interesting and fascinating way. I realize that there’s a lot of work to do but it’s worth it. That one moment when you’re speaking and looking at the people who seem to be fascinated/interested about you/your talk or just the moment in general… that’s priceless. So, hope to see you at some meetup or conference really soon 😉



In the summary, I’d like to answer the question that probably some of you’ve just asked. “Why the hell did he created such a boring post?”. Well, I did it because of two things. Firstly, from this place I’d like to thank all of you who read, comment and share my articles! Without you, this place would be just the container for my thoughts… without any passion. Blogging gives me a lot of satisfaction and fun which I’ve missed for a long time in my “professional life”. So, once again THANK YOU! But, there’s also another reason for writing that post. I just wanted to create some kind of milestone in my life, because maybe one day I’d lose my confidence and I would consider closing my blog. And maybe after reading my words from the past I’ll remind times when all that mattered was just fun and the faith that what I try to achieve might be good for other people. Time will verify my fears, but I hope and believe that reading this post in the future won’t be needed. Now it’s time to move forward…

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