Hello world (for the first time)

So it happened. It turned out that writing post about programming in Polish was quite frustrating. Mostly because of declension which did not combine well with English words. Another thing was the fact that I could share my knowledge only with Poles… and that sucked. Because of that, I decided to change language on the blog. So, for those of you who are here for the first time, I’d like to say hello! Hope you’ll hang around here for a while.

I guess it’s time to write what kind of articles can you expect to read here. In a nutshell, everything related to:

– C# language
– ASP.NET (including Core)
– Entity Framework
– Databases mechanisms and structures (especially in MS SQL Server)
– TypeScript / JavaScript
– Aurelia.io
– Security
– Design patterns
– Optimizations
– Tools

It only remains for me to encourage you to read the first part of my series about CQRS and Event Sourcing. All my previous articles will be labeled with [PL] by the time I rewrite each of them.

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Stay tuned!

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