On arrival to collect car MOT man said "do you want to know what it's failed on " ? Has anyone fitted these and know the ones to buy? Led side lights are ok but tbh aren't likely to last long. Having read the MOT regs which become effective from May this year, I see that LED bulbs and xenon lights wil be an automatic fail. On both cars I’m running the same LED side lights and the FN2 bulbs look slightly blue, I believe this is because the headlamp leans has a slight blue tint to it. Theyre the moss parts ones so indicator holder is there but dunno how to add the side light. Replacement bulbs aren't expensive and some can be changed easily. Car went for MOT test last week, booked into a different garage for the first time in 6 years, purely for the convenience of Wifey dropping in whilst i took hers to work. clive P62 Just to add, I’ve also been running full LED lights all round on my FRV which has passed the MOT every time with them. Sidelights aren’t as bright as headlights, so can be used when it’s not dark enough to use dipped lights but when visibility may be lower than what is ideal. Seen some on eBay for a few pounds but am confused as its says some cars need them with a resistor and some don't. Just check your car’s handbook. Chrome ''Devil Eye'' headlights with LED sidelights to fit right hand drive short nose models.Unlike many similar cheaper headlights on the market, ours have a side indicator bump that complies with UK MOT regulations whereas cheaper versions do not! Inspection processes and rules for car, private bus and light commercial vehicle (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicle) MOT tests. Bear this in mind when your MOT comes around; you could be cursing the phrase ''Buy cheap, Buy twice''. Resources: LED Bulbs Understand the legalities behind having an aftermarket LED bulb fitted and find information on CANBus issues. - posted in Interior and Exterior: I spoke to my mot guy and he said hed fail my sidelights as they have a slight tinge of blue, they are the 4 led type, anyone got any other alternatives or very white ones? MOT checks for lights and signals on motorcycles are divided into seven sections. The e-marking system will only allow like-for-like replacement, i.e., filament bulb for filament bulb. 4. I think the only time MOT legality cropped up is fitting bright LED Daylight Running Lights (DRL) bright bulbs into side or wing mounted side lights. If you search there are three or four comprehensive threads on fitting LED lights giving excellent recommendations on solutions. Parking lights and the MoT. Also due to a reduced resistance they caused strange lighting errors, namely dash lights coming on when braking and flashing headlights. on a bike i had once it had no working side light and just the dips and mains (the sidelight unit bit had been removed). led sidelight bulb fail mot? A. Alan ST Jan 2, 2008 #8 Stick them back in for the mot, tho i ran my 182 without sidelights too as they ruin the 'look' at night..xenons look so much better on their own.. B. Beef-Mc. There are no e-marked led sidelight bulbs, period. If the lights you’re confident doing it, a garage should be able to help. mike foster Jul 9, 2010. mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User. Thanks Book … All the best Keith _____ 3,966 83 48. You can also use sidelights for prolonged amounts of time - if you are legally parked on a high-speed limit road overnight, for example. Cheers, A potential issue is the legality of any changes you make. I took mine out cause the originals didnt complement the xenons and the LED ones kept blowing. They said 4out of 5 MOT testers when asked would pass them if correct pattern was achieved, that would include me. The 'named brands' LED lights (Trucklite, Nolden, JW Speaker, VisionX, possibly even Britpart) are fully road legal - they have the correct E Markings and beam pattern. 2-Mile Vertical Mount, Green Sidelight - 12V - Black Plastic Housing. it failed its MOT for no side light. So you can quite happily have no side light. ... so should not cause an MOT failure. In the former category can be found the laws which demand two red tail lights, headlights, turn signals, and so on, the precise requirements varying with the type of vehicle and its age. Beware LED sidelights and MOT failure !! Vw yesterday failed the MOT on my MK5 because front position lamps were not correct colour. The issue of e-marking is a civil matter, not a criminal one, so unless you are running a non-white bulb, the police don't give a toss - there is nothing they can do. Part #: 3830G7. Hi All, there is new MOT guidance for motorcycle saying that bulb replacement is now an automatic failure (but not if the whole unit is replaced on an MC) and I see that it is the same with the car & pax vehs MOT manual at 4.1.4. Black Plastic Housing. a Sidelight bulb is just that - a bulb. If you're interested in switching to high-performing, stylish LEDs, check out our selection of LED headlights, interior and exterior bulbs. Features: Clean, contoured shape blends in well making the light less noticeable, providing an integrated look with the boat. Tsi's How To Add In Sidelights - posted in Exterior: Just wondering if anyone can describe how to add in Led sidelights so my tsis to pass mot. However, please note that any LED bulbs used in your brake, sidelights or fog lights are not road legal, either. That is a shame because I have fitted LED lights and they are far better than the standard halogen ones. This frustrates me as LED is the obvious answer now should they develop enough Lumen to match a 55w filament for headlights, and I believe it's a matter of time now before they do & HID becomes old technology. They are designed to emit the light in the correct format, and not just to light up. However the MOT manual says:- Front position lamps and headlamps A motor bicycle (with or without a side car) fitted with a headlamp need not have a front position lamp (but must have one on the side car, if a side car is fitted). That said I use Cree's in my sidelights which pass MOT, it's the colour temperature that's important here as was mentioned. Hi Guys, Thinking of changing my sidelights to LEDs. Nautical Mile USCG output for boats to 20 meters (65.6 ft.). 6000K and higher wattage to standard. LED Failures and the new MoT rules When it comes to cars with multiple small lights as sidelights - ie LEDS and daytime running lights - how many need to be working so as not to fail the new MOT? I … Really does depend on the tester. On the subject of the MOT, my Civ failed its MOT last year on Blue Sidelight Bulbs - they weren't blue they were super bright white LED's. Yes I've just phoned them for more information and MOT compliance. Black ''Devil Eye'' headlights with LED sidelights to fit right hand drive short nose models.Unlike many similar cheaper headlights on the market, ours have a side indicator bump that complies with UK MOT regulations whereas cheaper versions do not!Bear this in mind when your MOT comes around; you could be cursing the phrase ''Buy cheap, Buy twice''. the dips came on when you turned on the ignition, but as there was no visible sidelight. Hi all, I would like to fit LED side lights (white ones, NOT coloured) to my 4x4 and wondered what the legalities are with doing so. ... note: the front position light, or sidelight, is considered separate from the motorcycle’s headlight and at least 50% of all light sources within a lamp must function. iv'e got LED sidelights in mine and they don't dazzle in fact most daytime running lights i see are brighter with a non descript beam pattern as far as MOT goes it's pretty much down to the inspectors discretion ( some will ignore them some won't ) and you can always keep a pair of normal bulbs in the glove box just in case I am going to purchase some soft white H1s to put in my original … Check your lights before taking the car for its MOT. MOT failure DRL Sidelight - posted in General Chat: I just wanted to know where I stand with this and make others aware if theyve done this via vagcom. I currently have bulbed indicators and considering to change them to LED type. Asked on 13 January 2012 by talpau Sidelights. They cost a lot more than the cheap imports, but are legal, do the job, and don’t over burden the dynamo . One post on this forum indicates that LED sidelights may be an MOT failure. Re: LED Sidelights, NumberPlate Lights and Boot light « Reply #13 on: July 29, 2013, 10:48:02 PM » Look much better although I think legally you can't replace the standard exterior bulbs for LED that are not a factory fit. LED Bulbs, MOT's And The only way to have these and be legal is if the whole headlamp is up graded. However, I have just bought some LED sidelights that are direct replacements & tried them last night. Book a service or MOT online at AA approved garages. My 4x4 out of the factory came with standard filament bulbs, so would this be OK to do this? presumably I would get some leds from napkin or something and connect those to the existing sidelight wiring? It’s a legal requirement that all cars driven on UK roads have a full set of working sidelights. If the led lights are E marked & left hand dip, then he should pass them, the beam pattern is flat topped but should still pass, look online for the mot testers manual & shove it in his face. Side light is a bit more dubious. I had some on my last car and they started flickering within weeks. Just had MOT done - passed eventually.