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I was a prisoner of my own blog

I didn’t plan to write this entry but I think it might be reflective to other bloggers. I was a prisoner of my own blog. More precisely, rules I followed when writing a blog.

As some of you probably know, in February 2016 I decided to start Forever F[r]ame as a place on the Internet where I could potentially share my experiences, programming knowledge and opinions on IT-related stuff. The main rule was never changed – this is a “raw”, programming blog, mostly dedicated to .NET and web development. This means:

  • at least one blog entry a week
  • most of the posts about .NET technologies. Sometimes it’s allowed to write about JavaScript or programming-related stuff. But not too much.
  • the more code the better
  • the longer article the better. Average from last 10 article is 1300 words.
  • very rarely some “coaching story”. I even gave myself a limit: One soft topic each quarter. If you don’t believe me check Tech not found category.

That was my recipe for a success. Until now. I feel like introducing this stupid rules, limited me not only as a writer but also as a developer. I’ll give you an example. About three weeks ago I started learning Angular 6 which I used for writing simple Single Page Application. During the process of creation, I was 1) learning the new framework 2) struggling with not so common issues. I thought about describing my observation, issues workarounds etc. on my blog – sounds like a bunch of interesting entries? Yup. But that would mean I have to break my rules because:

  • it’s not .NET, so .NET people would be no longer interested in reading my articles.
  • lot’s of workarounds and Angular 6 stuff was not very hard so it would not “generate” long and complex article. What a shame!
  • I started C# internals series and I need to continue this FFS! I can’t focus on some other things. (Soon, I’ll write a short post why bloggers should avoid doing post series and why I’ll probably never do such thing again).

Believe or not – these three arguments successfully demotivated me to give it up.

So, from now on I’ll try something completely different. I’ll not limit myself in any matter. No words limit, no topics limit, nothing. If I’ll learn Angular or anything else for next 6 months then I’ll write about it here. I don’t see the point to artificially invent topics for an entry if I deal with something completely different. We’ll see what it turns into.


PS. I haven’t written a blog entry so quickly for a long time. Hmmm…
PPS. Two “Tech not found” articles in a row!


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