My Aurelia course is online! -

My Aurelia course is online!

If you follow my blog for a while, you probably spotted that I’m a big enthusiast of Aurelia which is the next generation JavaScript framework using which you’ll be able to create any Single Page Application. I discovered it by accident over a year ago when I watched talk prepared by Jakub Jędryszek:



At that time, I was preparing for switching from AngularJs to Angular 2 mostly because two things. First, I was happy that new version would support TypeScript by default. Second, I couldn’t come up with a better alternative. Despite the fact that I started learning ng2, I wasn’t convinced to the syntax which I know makes sense, but it just looked weird to me (and still it does). Things changed after watching mentioned talk. I fell in love immediately and I was impressed how simple Aurelia was comparing to the ng2. No class decorators, no interfaces needed to perform some action on ViewModel activation, no weird syntax etc. In some scenarios, you can even end up with “plain” TS/JS class if you don’t need IoC or some other extra features. That’s gorgeous.

All right, I think I should put the thing straight. Why am I writing about it? Well, I’m glad to announce that together with we’ve prepared a programming course about Aurelia.  It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done… well frankly, it was bloody hard (mostly because of lack of my screencast experience) but the final result is pretty good (and I hope to hear that from other folks). What’s even cooler is that as far as I know, there wasn’t any other Polish course related to the Aurelia so with a high probability I’m the first one 😉

The course lasts about 7 hours and during that time you’ll be guided through many steps like:

  • generating the TS project using Aurelia CLI
  • creating base architecture
  • creating a layer for API connection
  • validating domain models
  • securing app

… and many others. For more details, I encourage you to visit this link and read the description. It’s worth to mention that there are three lessons free so, you can watch them and decide whether it suits you or not. If you want to see more you can also watch my talk which I did on dotnetConfPL last year:



So, I leave the final decision all up to you. If you’ll decide to buy the course – thank you for your trust and I hope you’ll not regret it. If you don’t want to spend your money – that’s also fine and remember that you can still find some articles (both Polish and English) on my blog. Whatever you’ll do – give Aurelia a try. Maybe you’ll also fall in love as much as I did 😉



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